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five people jumping up in the air with colourful clothes
Did you know that 80% of heart disease is preventable with healthy eating and physical activity?

JUMP IN™ is a nation-wide physical activity challenge in support of women’s heart health. Get active for 30 minutes a day for 30 days this September.

Join a community of Canadians from coast to coast to coast that come together to support, inspire, teach and encourage each other.

This fun and friendly challenge is open to everyone of all ages and abilities. Join the movement today and fight the #1 cause of death among women. 

Your Heart Deserves it!

Today, you can make a difference for yourself, and be a positive force in the lives of thousands of women across Canada, and around the world.

JUMP IN™ is a nation-wide physical activity challenge in support of women’s heart health.

You are creating a better heart health future for yourself and thousands of women nationwide.

Your $30 registration fee gives you access to a supportive community, a fun and engaging 30-day challenge and exclusive benefits. Raise awareness and support for Canadian women’s heart health research, advocacy, and education today.



  • You’ll receive a special 7-day pass to any GoodLife Fitness across Canada.  

  • Receive your limited-edition pair of JUMP IN™ branded socks. Wear them proudly. 

  • Upon registration, you’ll receive access to your personal JUMP IN™ Participant Portal where you can find all kinds of amazing content, including:

  • Access to exclusive workouts and in-person events throughout the month from gyms, studios, and fitness instructors across Canada.

  • Your Daily Activity Tracker—use it to record your 30 minutes of daily activity and track your success.

  • Exclusive access to the JUMP IN™ Facebook community.

  • An opportunity to attend virtual and interactive workshops with leading heart health experts.


When you fundraise to help women’s heart health you will have opportunities to win great prizes! Plus, we have generous corporate sponsors who are ready and waiting to match donations in support of women’s heart health. Your donations will be amplified and put to good use supporting women’s heart health.


7 million minutes of exercise.

Nearly 6,000 Participants joined from Canada and beyond.


Close to $900,000 fundraised to-date and counting. 

We are turning five!

Look what we’ve done together:



Your registration to JUMP IN™ and your fundraising efforts will support women’s heart health through research, education and programming powered by the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre (CWHHC).

Step 1 – Register:

A registration fee of $30 gives you access to a supportive community for your 30-day activity journey, plus invites to special events, promotions and offers. 
Get active for 30 minutes a day, for 30 days this September for your heart. 

Step 2 – Get Active:

Nationally and locally, we support, inspire, teach, and encourage each other to get and stay active.

It’s easy. Pick your favourite activity and get moving:

  • Walking your dog through the park.

  • Cycling with your spouse.

  • Strolling with your mom.

  • Jogging with your sister.

  • Working out at the gym.

  • Practicing yoga with your colleagues.

  • Take a swim with your best friend.

It’s working up a sweat while cleaning the house and listening to the radio.
It’s playing pickleball at your community court with neighbours.
It’s going on a solitary, peaceful hike through the forest. 
It’s strolling through a farmer’s market with a friend or touring an art gallery.
It’s anything that gets you moving and feeling good.

Step 3 – Share Your Journey:

Share your commitment to your heart health by sharing your JUMP IN™ challenge journey online. Research shows that when you publicly commit to a health challenge, you have better results. Plus, your friends will join you! Be the example you’d like to see! You will also be a part of a supportive community on Facebook and Instagram, cheering you on every step of the way. 

Step 4 – Raise Funds & Friends:

This easy and social challenge is open to everyone of all ages and abilities. Register and get moving—daily and at your own pace. You will be amazed at your progress in just 30 days.


"JUMP IN™" in the media: 


Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

2024 sponsorship and partnership opportunities—coming soon!



Together, we are making significant strides in women's heart health. While we've achieved great progress, there's still much more to be done. Your generous contribution is the driving force behind both our new and ongoing initiatives in women's heart health education, training, research, advocacy, and outreach.  

Here is what we have accomplished together so far:

  • The Canadian Women's Heart Health Alliance "ATLAS": a growing collection of resources and the latest research to help healthcare professionals treat and care for women better. Policymakers now have the information they need to ensure equitable care for women with cardiovascular disease.


  • A 150-person national working group that includes current cardiac patients is actively fixing gaps in women's heart and vascular health.


  • Educational materials distributed nationwide in 15+ languages, especially to traditionally underserved communities, such as Indigenous women and newcomers to Canada.


  • Network Forward: a research and training project to design a women's cardiovascular disease prevention network now exists across the country.

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